Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Entrepreneur for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Published by tansvanio - learn more (mod ID: 99902)


This is the first release of Entrepeneur with a very limited set of features.

Current features:

  • All villages now have a random number of acres where some will be vacant and others will be occupied by the village.
  • Each acre has a value that is calculated by the production of the village and availability. The player can buy and sell acres with some percentage of deviation from the real value.
  • Each week, all player owned acres will yield a profit.
  • External factors like raids will influence the price of farm acres and the margins that the villagers will buy/sell their plots.

Future features:

  • Raids will have a chance to destroy farm plots.
  • Different property types for both villages and cities.
  • Gauntlet UI instead of a menu based UI.





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Cassus @cassus

LOL Correct me if I'm wrong.. I have to compile the community launcher, lol? really? kid me not.. L.O.L.?

Cassus @cassus

so I linked with my steam account and I subscribed. Still I can't use the mods. I tried both in the launcher, directly everywhere in game and I checked steam like everywhere. Is this some kind of scam to get my steam acc details?